Located one minute away from casa loma resort at 2780 Casa Loma rd . on the lake Just 5 minutes from downtown


* All cancellations or changes made to booked time are 24 hours before booked time. If not then you will be fully charged a $30 fe on your next visit . We understand every one gets sick from time to time so please call or email as early as possible to let us know for a pass !

* If you have booked time on a Monday or a holiday, cancellation takes place 24 hours before your holiday. ie on Friday before because it is completely impossible for us to start calling around and booking customers on a holiday or sunday. Midsummer, Christmas and New Year (v.55,51-53) have  we peak load because we have a week’s cancellation there.

* If you have booked time for, for example, filling nails but want to remove them, please let us know .Charges apply .

* Do you have a nail polish take it away sooner than before so you do not have to have a color under the nail bands it will take longer to get started with a treatment. Do you have lacquer? Then come a little earlier. Remover is available at the lounge to borrow.

* Remember to be on time so the customer after you will not be interupted. If you are later than 15 minutes, you can book a new time as well a processing time is charged unless we can still fit you in .

* Cancellations and changes to times are only made by personal contact  where you will also receive a confirmation of your mail. SMS or messages on the answering machine do not apply, as we can not always check them out !!

* If you buy goods there is a right of exchange within 7 days. If anything goes wrong, too. If it has been too long, we can not unfortunately replace it.

* If you register for an education, an invoice will be sent to you, which must be paid no later than 2 weeks before the start of the course. Booking can not be done, but if you want to get up or you get sick, you can book one later opportunity.

When you order a time with us, we will make an oral agreement.

DU (Buyer) commits you to come to us at a pre-agreed time and purchase a treatment.

We (Seller) undertake to reserve this time for DIG and not sell it to anyone else.

As long as you do not cancel the time no later than 24 hours before or under conditions, we can not sell it to anyone else.


You would also not agree to be forced to stay at your workplace without your employer paying pay to you.

As our own entrepreneur, our salary is part of the turnover ie money coming into the company when we sell a treatment or product.

Can we agree on these small conditions ?

Cheers !