Located one minute away from casa loma resort at 2780 Casa Loma rd . on the lake Just 5 minutes from downtown


It is the clients responsibility to inform staff at Hey Gorgeous of the following conditions.

Diabetes, high blood pressure , heart condition, allergies, claustrophobia or pregnancy.

Including are any illness that would adversely affect treatment received.

Please do not show up with any virus , colds etc . We would rather give you a free pass and a new appointment .

Please do not show up with any nail fungus , warts or broken skin  .

Hey Gorgeous reserves the right to refuse service to anyone . Due to the nature of our services we do not offer refunds .

Abuse towards staff in any fashion will not  be tolerated .

Services will be promptly rescinded without refund and client will be asked to leave immediately. Use of cell phones during treatments is prohibited.

By booking with Hey Gorgeous the client has read ,

Understands and accepted these terms .